How to import wordpress posts with images

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Web Design, Wordpress

Import and Export WordPress blog posts with the included images. You may be rebuilding your own site or building a new site for a customer and need to export the posts from one WordPress site, and then import them to another WordPress site. This is made very easy with WordPress you don’t need to download any external plugins, as all the tools you need are included.

Import and Export WordPress blog posts

In this video we take you through the steps to do this. Obviously, you need to have posts on your site before you can do this. On the site that you want to export your post from go to the dashboard, go down to tools and click on export. If you have not run this export tool before, you will be prompted to add the exporter. From the list that you are presented with that gives you options to export, and import from various platforms, you need to select the bottom entry, WordPress importer and exporter. Simply activate run tool. When this has been activated you will be presented with an export page, from this page you can select what do you wish to export., the options include; all content, posts, pages, contact forms, and media. As we are exporting posts, we need to check the posts radio button, when the appropriate button has been selected click on the download export file button at the bottom. This will download an XML file to your default download location, this is usually in a folder called downloads that resides in your documents folder.

Import and Export WordPress blog posts

Now we have downloaded the post successfully, we need to download the images that will go with them. Looking back at the export page, we now need to select the media radio button at the bottom, and again click on the download export file button. When you select your post or media radio button, you are given the choice to export all content, or you can choose to export from a specific date range, category, or author. Choose what works for you.

Import and Export WordPress blog posts

We have now got the exported post text and post media content, so let’s move over to the WordPress site that we need to import to. Once in the dashboard of the new site, again go down to tools, this time go down to import. If you have not run the tool before you will be prompted to install and run the WordPress importer. You will now be presented with a page asking you to upload a file. Choose the posts XML file that was exported from the previous site and click on upload file and import. Select the options that work for you and import. This has now imported the posts text to your new site. The next step is to repeat the process and upload the media XML file. When this is completed, you will now have all the exported blog posts along with the images on your new site.

Import and Export WordPress blog posts

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