Bootstrap website build from the ground up

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Bootstrap, Web Design

Bootstrap website build from the ground up

Bootstrap website build Bootstrap is an absolutely awesome web development platform. It is really lightweight, fast loading and much less bulky than the WordPress or Joomla platforms. For all sites that I make that do not require a Blog or an e-commerce shop, I build with bootstrap every time. It really is a fun and intuitive tool for web building.

For those of you that are interested in building a bootstrap website for yourselves or your customers, we have started put together a series of videos. We start from the bare bones, and will be putting it together piece by piece. We will be doing some hand coding to make this work, but don’t let that put you off. This process does not require any previous coding experience as we will be guiding you through each step. You will be learning to code both HTML5 and CSS3 which really are essential skills in today’s web development world.

Bootstrap website build The goal of this series of videos is to end up with a fully functioning one page scrolling bootstrap website that is fully responsive, so it will look great and function well on all devices from the largest of monitors to the smallest of smart phones. Part of this course will be focusing on media queries. Media queries are what we use to change the website styling when it is viewed on different screen sizes. This ensures that things work seamlessly for every viewing scenario.

If you think this sounds too complicated for you think again. It really isn’t! Just check out the videos and you will soon see that it is a fairly simple process, most of which is logical and makes perfect sense.

We have also included a link to get a great free text editor for building your bootstrap website with. So check it out and learn to build some awesome bootstrap websites. It could change your life, or if not, at least save you a few thousand dollars by building your website for yourself.

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