Generating traffic to your website

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Networking, Social Media, Web Design

Generating traffic to your website


generating website trafficGenerating traffic to your website is essential, especially if you have a company web page. It’s great having a great product or service to sell but you really need to get it out there and get more traffic to your site and get it viewed by more people.

Being ahead of your competitors is the name of the game and getting more traffic than the other guy should be a real priority.

There are a few Surefire ways that you can generate more traffic for your website:

Google offers AdWords. This is paid advertising service and will guarantee you get more eyes on your website leading to more clicks and more sales. This is a paid service and although many small companies shy away from paying for advertising, this pretty much guarantees you’ll get more visits and hopefully can convert to more sales.

Another way is to build backlinks to your website. You can contact people from other sites and get them to link your site in return for you linking to their site. This is mutually beneficial as you are both working to generate more traffic and obviously the more links traded and set up, the more traffic you’re going to get.

generating website trafficSocial media is another great platform for increasing your website’s traffic. Facebook lets you use paid ads targeting specific geographical locations and demographics. You can reach tens of thousands of people for around $10. But you don’t have to use paid advertising, you can use all kind of different social media platforms YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, blogger, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the list goes on…. Start putting post up with interesting pictures or videos make sure that they are linked back to your company website and start to build a following. Nowadays this is the norm for most online small business advertising.

As we have said many times before content is King. Write articles for your site that are engaging, informative, and contain relevant keywords for your site. Make a list of relevant keywords for your site and then use one of the free keyword tools to find keywords that will rank you. There is a great free keyword to here.

There are many online forums and blogs out there for just about every subject. If you do a search for your subject you can check out some of the higher-ranking blogs. Join the forums or contribute to the blogs about you subject, and again make sure to backlink to your website. This will showcase your knowledge as well as build your online credibility. People looking for information will see that you know your subject, and if you have a link back to your site, will visit your site to find out more information.

generating website trafficStarting a newsletter and having a subscribe to our newsletter button on your website is a great way to build your email list. Building an email list is essential nowadays, as it enables you to target specific people that are interested in your product or service. Every time you have a new launch or a new product, you can shoot an email to your list and generate both traffic and sales that way.

It’s the same old story The more you put yourself out there the more you will increase traffic and sales . There are so many free and paid traffic sources out there today it’s really important to spend some time promoting your website. It may not look like it at first, but if you continue to do this, over time the results are guaranteed.

There are also many sources out there that you can pay to drive traffic to your websites. Sites such as fiverr and konker have many of these services. But use caution, I would not recommend getting traffic this way as it rarely results in loyal customers that will return, and the results generated are very often short-lived. For the long term it is always a much better idea to build your own custom audience or followers that you know are interested in your product or service. So get on social media, start blogging and start building an email list. Always remember that content is King and make sure that your website contains up to date interesting and topical content. Keep adding new content whenever you can and the results will speak for themselves.

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