YouTube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!

YouTube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!


You Tube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!


YouTube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers! YouTube has recently made some changes. It seems that almost every video I upload now get marked as unsuitable for most advertisers. This happens even if it is part of a series of videos, of which all of the others are acceptable for most advertisers. Considering that most of my videos are just simple demonstrations of how to build and code websites this is a little curious to me! This kind of indicates to me that perhaps their search algorithm is malfunctioning?

You Tube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!


Not only is this rather annoying, but for the people that have many views and subscribers on YouTube, this is preventing them from receiving a lot of revenue. Although my videos don’t accrue much income, it is still rather frustrating! To return it to its monetization status, so that it will again start earning I always click on the request review button.



This will take us to another page where there is a button that can be selected to say that this video is suitable for all advertisers. Once selected I can then click on the request and review button to get YouTube to manually review my video. I am sure that this is a big waste of time for them having to review thousands and thousands of perfectly innocent videos constantly, or maybe it is a revenue saving ploy by YouTube! Who knows?!


You Tube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!


Once clicked a pop-up will appear on the page stating that “Right now we are only able to review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days. We’ll review your video when it reaches that threshold and give you a final decision usually within a week”. Now, some of my videos are over that threshold, but most of them full way short of 1000 views in the last 7 days. Even so, I always check the box that says “I confirm my video is suitable for all advertisers”, and then click the submit for review button.


You Tube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!


Once you have done this, YouTube will return you to your videos list page. Now underneath where it says “not suitable for most advertisers”, you will see the words “review requested”. All you can do now is just wait for YouTube to make their decision. With me this usually happens well within a day sometimes within a few hours. Once YouTube has reviewed it and presumably accepted it as being okay for monetization again, then the little yellow dollar sign will turn back to green, and the video will again start generating some revenue.


You Tube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!


Every time I have done this, without exception, my video has been approved and reverted to monetization status. So don’t be put off, even if you believe that your video falls below the threshold of 1000 views per week. Unless you know that your video is offensive, or contains content that maybe against YouTube’s best practices, then I suggest you go for it and click that request a review button.
In my humble opinion I believe that this system of YouTube’s is broken, and I also believe that YouTube knows it. What do you think?

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One Response to “YouTube Marking Videos not suitable for Most Advertisers!

  • Great post. Same thing happens to me. I have two youtube channels and post mostly how-to videos and tutorials. Nearly every video I upload gets flagged by the bot and requires me to request manual review. Occasionally they will return to green even without me requesting review. It is pretty frustrating. One of my two channels ( is relatively new, so it does not have 1000 subscrubers yet but is close. It will now be un-monetized as of tomorrow which is tremendously frustrating. Youtube claims that 99% of channels affected make less than $100 per year but that channel makes nearly that per month which is very helpful in funding new videos and better equipment. I hope they can get this sorted out and nothing contraversial happens anytime soon to force them into even more conservative approaches…

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