Tablet or Laptop, What Should I Buy?

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Computers, Networking, Web Design

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Here’s a good question; should I buy a laptop computer or should I buy a tablet? Well, that really depends on what you intend to do when you get on your laptop or tablet device. Tablets are great devices, they can do many things and are extremely convenient and portable. Many people I know have an ipad tablet and that is the only device that they need. Their tablet enables them to browse online with ease, check their emails and respond, do online shopping and banking, watch movies and TV shows using such software as Netflix or Hulu. Many tablets will also let you run office type applications or ’apps’ that enable you to use word processing documents and spreadsheets like Microsoft Word and Excel. Many people manage to do this all without the need for and external keyboard. This is all very impressive, and of course there are all kinds of peripherals that can be added to enhance the tablet, such as blue tooth keyboards, audio devices and cables that will allow you to hook up to a large monitor or projector. Battery life on a newer tablet is really good, most of these tablets can be run for several hours without the need for a re charge, of course this depends on what sort of apps you are running, watching videos and streaming music over wifi will consume much more power than just browsing or reading your emails. So, all in all todays tablet devices are really impressive and truly portable media devices that can do just about everything!

Well given the above mentioned information regarding tablet devices, you may be thinking, well what is the point of buying a laptop that may be more expensive and less portable? I’m buying a tablet! Hold on, don’t write off the laptop just yet. Although the laptop has been around for a while it does have it’s advantages over a tablet. The processing power offered by a laptop is usually much more powerful then the average tablet, this enables you to multitask many applications with great speed and ease. Tablet devices are usually short on onboard space, many ipads only have 32 to 64GB of space, whereas most laptops start at 300 plus GB, even the newer ones with solid state drives, (see this article), usually have at least 128GB, and if you are like me and store many files, photos and videos, this is very important. OK I hear you say “we can store what we want on a tablet with cloud storage!”, this is true but doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have an internet connection. Another great advantage with laptops is the video processing is much better. Although you can play some very impressive games on a tablet, they do not compare to the graphically rich games that are available on a laptop, especially if you are a serious gamer with a high end laptop such as an Alienware or similar.

There are many good graphic apps available for tablets, but, as yet I have not come across one that even comes close to the detail that I can achieve on a laptop using a program like photoshop, I use photoshop frequently when designing websites, at the moment I cannot image being able to do this on a tablet, I am sure the day will come though!

Both the laptop and the tablet are infinitely upgradeable, I think the laptop has the edge with its USB connectivity. The tablet has the edge with its portability, although laptops have become smaller and lighter recently. The tablet will always win on battery, mainly due the the laptops superior processing power. I have always liked the on board keyboard and track pad offered with a laptop, but as mentioned before, many people get on just fine with the virtual keyboard on a tablet.

So, what is the answer, laptop or tablet? Well the long and short of it is there isn’t one. It is entirely up to the individual to decide, they both have their advantages. If you are just going to be browsing, watching Netflix, and checking you emails and facebook, probably a tablet. If, however, you are going to be doing more serious work requiring storage and processing power, then go for a laptop. Of course the ideal situation would be to have both. Given that the price of both has come down dramatically ( unless you’re looking at latest generation high end tablets or laptops ).this may not be out of the question!

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