SEO – Optimize your website images both for Speed and SEO

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Web Design, Wordpress

SEO – Optimize your website images both for Speed and SEO


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SEO – Optimize your website images both for Speed and SEO. Here is a tutorial on how to optimize your website images both for Speed and SEO purposes. It is always a great idea to optimize your website images to load quicker. If your website images load quicker then it helps to keep your visitors engaged, as they do not have to wait to view content on your website. In this video we show you a free site called tiny PNG where you can upload your images and optimize them to smaller file sizes. Smaller file sizes mean that your images will load faster.

seo imageAfter optimizing your image for web loading speed, we will start to optimize for SEO. Optimizing for SEO or search engine optimization means that we will include keywords, or key phrases that will enable our image to be found more easily when these keywords or phrases are searched. We are going to utilize another free service available at This is a great free website for finding keywords or key phrases. We’re just going to type in a keyword, or phrase, relevant to a website or web page and then hit the search icon. When the search completes we will be presented with a large list of keywords relevant to our subject. All that we need to do next is select a check next to any of the keywords or phrases that we wish to use, and once we have enough, simply hit the copy button and paste the results into a blank notepad.

We now have everything we need to optimize our image for SEO.  Right click on your saved image and select the properties drop down. When it opens we can select the details tab, and in all of the available fields, we can start inserting our key words or phrases. Once we have inserted the phrases or keywords that we need for image SEO, we can save and do the same thing for the image title by inserting a keyword or key phrase for the image name.

Once this is all done we have successfully optimize our image for both speed and SEO. The next step is to insert it into a website or web page. Once we have inserted into the webpage you can add a little more SEO by using your keywords, or phrases in the alt tag description, and also the image description if you have one.

By now you have a super optimized image for both speed and SEO. Repeat this process for all the images on your site, and you will find that it gives you a great Improvement on your search ranking. This is something that can be a little time consuming, but the results speak for themselves, and it is a really worthwhile thing to do that I would recommend to anybody when building a website. Don’t forget you can also go to your old sites and optimize the old images for speed and SEO. This is a great way to put new life into an old site.

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