Divi Theme 3 Cool Image Masks

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Divi Theme Gallery Module Change Columns On Tablet And Mobile

Divi Theme 3 Cool Image Masks

How to create image masks for any image, module, row or section using the Divi Theme. In this video we will be showing how to create this eye-catching feature using some pre written CSS Code (Below). Today we will be demonstrating how to create this feature using the Divi ImageModule, Divi Call To Action Module, Divi Section, and Divi Row.
So follow along with this video to see how to do this with your site.

In this video we will cover:

Getting The Code.
Using The Custom CSS Panel.
Adding A Row.
Adding A Divi Image Module.
Adding A CSS Class Name.
Applying To A Module.
Applying To A Full Screen Section.

Join us in this series of videos where we explore the fantastic effects you can achieve with the Divi theme. With its versatile modules and effects, you can create eye-catching visuals that enhance the look and user experience of your website.

Utilizing image masks in web design goes beyond mere aesthetics, as they bring a touch of creativity and visual intrigue to the forefront. By employing image masks, designers gain the ability to shape and manipulate images, resulting in captivating and one-of-a-kind effects that set their websites apart.

Image masks offer endless possibilities for enhancing the visual appeal of a website. They allow designers to crop images into specific shapes, such as circles, squares, or custom silhouettes, creating a unique and eye-catching visual language. These shaped images can be used as engaging thumbnails, decorative elements, or attention-grabbing focal points, drawing users’ attention and inviting further exploration.

Image masks enable the blending of images with other design elements, seamlessly merging visuals to create captivating compositions. By overlaying images with textures, patterns, or gradients, designers can achieve a harmonious and cohesive look that reinforces the overall brand identity. This technique adds depth and dimension, giving the website a visually rich and immersive experience.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, image masks serve a functional purpose by highlighting focal points and guiding users’ attention. By applying a mask to an image, designers can direct users’ gaze towards specific areas or elements that are integral to the website’s message or call to action. This deliberate focus helps in communicating key information effectively and improving the overall user experience.

Image masks also provide an opportunity to infuse the website with the brand’s personality and style. By incorporating custom shapes, textures, or brand elements into image masks, designers can create a visual language that reflects the brand’s identity. This consistent and cohesive design approach fosters brand recognition and enhances the website’s overall cohesiveness.

Ultimately, image masks serve as a powerful tool in web design, allowing designers to unleash their creativity and captivate users with visually captivating experiences. Whether it’s through shaping images or blending them with other elements, image masks add depth, emphasize focal points, and contribute to an overall aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression. By incorporating image masks thoughtfully, designers can elevate their websites and create memorable visual experiences for their audience.

Get the code from here: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_mask-image.php

Try out the Divi theme: https://bit.ly/TryDiviNow

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Why Divi Supreme Modules?

Divi Supreme Modules Pro Plugin: A Must-Have Tool for Web Designers

Divi Supreme Modules Pro Plugin is quickly becoming a must-have tool for web designers. This powerful plugin provides users with a suite of custom-built modules, allowing them to easily and quickly create stunning websites with a few clicks of their mouse. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Divi Supreme Modules Pro Plugin can help streamline your web design workflow, saving you time and money.

What makes Divi Supreme Modules Pro Plugin so great? First, it provides users with a comprehensive suite of custom-built modules. This means that instead of having to search through the thousands of Divi modules available, you can easily find the ones you need without having to scroll through endless lists. The custom-built modules are also optimized for performance, ensuring that your website runs smoothly and quickly.

Second, Divi Supreme Modules Pro Plugin gives users access to a library of prebuilt themes. These themes are professionally designed and make it easy to create stunning websites with minimal effort. They also come with a variety of customization options so that you can tweak them to your exact specifications.

Third, the plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of Divi. This means that users can rest assured that their websites will be compatible with the latest version of Divi and will be able to take advantage of all the features and functionality that it provides.

Finally, Divi Supreme Modules Pro Plugin provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your website without having to dive into the technical details. This can help to simplify the web design process, making it easier for designers of all skill levels to create stunning websites with minimal effort.

Overall, Divi Supreme Modules Pro Plugin is an invaluable tool for any web designer. It provides users with a comprehensive suite of custom-built modules, a library of prebuilt themes, full compatibility with the latest version of Divi, and an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re just starting out or a professional web designer, this plugin can help streamline your web design workflow and help you create stunning websites quickly and easily.

Free Stock Photos

Stock photos are essential when you’re building a website. Of course it’s quite possible to build a website not using any photos or images, but it’s going to be a pretty uninteresting looking site, even if the content is top-notch. Adding images to any website creates an interest factor, attracts the eye and will surely make your visitors more likely to read on and see a little more.

There are a huge number of stock photo sites available out there, and they all have some really fantastic looking images ready for you to insert into your site. But buying these images can get quite expensive especially from some of the more well-known sites like Shutterstock.

Free Stock Photos – Where to get an unlimited supply

Free Stock Photos – Where to get an unlimited supply

Have a great website design

It is essential to have a great website design nowadays as so many people tend to shop and find services online. It is also very important to have a responsive website design as almost 50% of today’s browsing is done on smartphones and tablets, I certainly use mine for browsing. If a customer navigates to your site and they have to pinch and zoom to be able to read and navigate, the chances are that they will move away to another site and you will almost certainly lose that customer.

A well-developed website can convey trust and credibility, making people to buy from you, or support you. Whether you are a professional looking for a job, or an expert in your industry: you can show that to the whole world by having a custom responsive website.

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