Business Website – The importance of having a good business website

by | May 20, 2017 | Computers, Networking, Web Design

Business Website – The importance of having a good business website

business website


A business website is basically the face of your business, and it is important that this face is captivating; which means it should capture the visitor’s attention, has a user-friendly interface, all the information that could be needed about the business as well as links to other useful information through related website links. The interface should also have links to social media websites so as to give variety and color to your page. So, combined, that’s a tall order!

So, if you are going to start promoting your business please remember that there are 3.2 billion people using the internet around the globe, and that Internet does not forget anything. So, anything short of a well-thought out content and plan, customized in a professional way, can actually circle back and harm the enterprise. Any good business website should meet the following specifications;


A welcoming and user friendly interface to engage more internet traffic, highlighting features and resources of the business easily, responsive design and navigation, structured layout of policies, products and benefits, accessible data center, round the clock customer service.

Depending on the business type, a successful tool to launch a good business website is to make use of the success indicators. Customers often enjoy reviews, testimonials or just charts and figures provided by the owners, highlighting their services to the community. Now, once it is established that what are the most sought after parameters to launch a good business website, the question is what it is going to mean for the business in question. An efficient business website can lead to the following advantages;


Effective sharing of ideas

The first advantage of having a properly designed business website is the sharing of the business ideas. With your content, data and attributes of your business on display, you can invite opinions of the visitors regarding your priority areas, thus having a virtual brain-storming exercise.

Cost-effective advertising & marketing

In the current era, any business-related purchase starts with a quick search on google! If the business website is not up and running and providing information on the various aspects of the business in clear and concise fashion, the owner automatically loses almost 93% of his business, dependent on search engine researches’ users, thus limiting the business marketing strategies to the remaining few percent. Additionally, a website provides free advertising for the business, a vital tool for business success and growth. People are currently led by the social media (Facebook has 1.55 billion active users), so hosting the website at minimal costs at social media sites will result in more web traffic towards the business.

Round the clock sales

Unlike 10 am to 10 pm stores, business websites are always open for business. At any time of the day or night, any time zone or location on the globe, the customers can approach the businesses at all times, for browsing or purchasing of merchandise. Moreover, websites based on a responsive design, connect with the visual part of the customer’s brain, increasing their engagement to the website. The longer they spend time on the respective website, the more they will be inclined to purchase.


Easy discoverability and credibility

Research observed that in 2015, 64% or about $2.2 trillion were spent, in sales one or another way influenced by the internet. And 40 % globally buy products online. So, a big part of the business success depends on how the website is presented and if it is easily accessible. Also, it automatically induces credibility to the business if clients see a professional looking website of the enterprise. It enforced confident in the business policies and ideas, promoting a tech-savvy image, connectivity to the current scheme of things and above all the future.

Eternal shelf life

The payment is done, the specifications, testimonials, pretty display pictures, and anything else needed to market the business is on the website. And now the business is immortalized within the webpages. This advantage beats the flyers that disintegrate with time, word of mouth endorsements that is forgotten after some time and other more traditional methods.


Websites are, as said, a reflection of your business and yourself. The more welcoming, user-friendly and open interface the website has, the more it will attract internet users. Eventually, with the propagation and growth of your business, you can give it an even more sophisticated and extensive shape, but for the beginning even, the idea should be to cover your bases completely. A well-designed and well-executed website will do wonders for your business enterprise!


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