WordPress Benefits

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WordPress Benefits

wordpress websites

Whether you have a business website or a personal one, you’ll probably have heard of WordPress – that’s because it is the powerhouse that carries around 24% of all blog content on the internet. So what makes WordPress so popular? There are seven key benefits to using WordPress for your website:

wordpress websites


  1. Ease of Use

WordPress is actually a CMS (content management system) but the term cms often strikes fear into the hearts of users, because it implies a complicated and difficult to learn interface. Many people have experienced CMS that is full of bugs, slow to upload, requires constant updating by its creator or even all three. By contrast WordPress is a deeply intuitive system that allows you to add new images, blog posts or whole pages with the utmost simplicity. Because the system is so simple, and formatting time is so swift, you can dedicate more time to finding just the right words and images to convey your message.


  1. WordPress is scalable – it grows as you grow

A WordPress site is designed to be eminently scalable – whether you have a one page website or hundreds or even thousands of pages, site performance will remain completely clean, swift and efficient, unlike other sites which can bog down’ as they become more complex and layered. Not only that, but by using your administrative function you can set up multiple users for the site, and give each one different access levels and capabilities – this means you can delegate areas of your site without worrying about giving people access to back office functions you’d prefer to keep private.

wordpress websites

  1. Search Engine Ranking made easy

WordPress code is deliberately created to be clean and straightforward – this means that Google, and all other search engines, find it easy to read a WordPress site and index it. This means that a WordPress site is likely to rank higher than a less easy to read site. In addition, every single page, post and even image can be given its own meta tag and title, along with keywords so that every element of a WordPress site can be precisely and intensively optimized to ensure every search engine ranks each individual element of your site.


  1. Ultimate Control with WordPress

Unlike bespoke website designs WordPress allows you, the site owner, to have complete control of your website – no need to hire a web designer or even content manager, and therefore no hanging around waiting for somebody to update your website to your wishes. With your site’s performance literally at your fingertips, you can update and alter it whenever you wish, making it highly responsive.

wordpress websites

  1. WordPress offers precise Customization

Because WordPress serves as the engine’ of your website, the whole appearance and function of the site can be customized to let your brand, hobby or interests illuminate the entire website and make it uniquely yours. It’s a very cost-effective process because there are literally thousands of WordPress themes that permit you to change your website design instantly. And unlike paying for web design, many themes are available for free. In addition to themes, there are over 50,000 plugins that allow you to add every kind of function to your website – from contact forms to spam catchers, from e-commerce add ons to analytics programs, there is everything you could need to run a business website or a personal web page.


  1. WordPress – works whenever and wherever you do

Because WordPress is browser based it’s possible to log into the system from any computer and manage your website. This is possible because all the technical functions such as html or ftp are built into the software you use to create and upload pages, no extra software is required, so no licenses, no 9-5 only software support and no tied to a single computer’ packages – WordPress is ready to go whenever you want, wherever you are in the world, whatever you want to do.

wordpress websites

  1. Unlimited support from the WordPress community

Since 2003, WordPress has been powering websites across the internet – this means that not only are there hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic WordPress users out there, many of them are designers, developers, writers and SEO experts in their own right. They bring their expertise, as well as their enthusiasm, to the global WordPress community, which means that there are always people willing to help you get the best from your WordPress site. They create beautiful new elements to enhance their own WordPress websites and delight in making their creations available to others.

wordpress websites






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