Work from home, earn income building websites

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Computers, Networking, Social Media, Web Design

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Work from home, earn income building websites


Work from home, earn income building websites. Have you ever wanted to break into the ever growing, exciting, well paid word of web design? Well, we have just the thing for you. We have just launched a course on the Udemy teaching platform. This course “Work from home earn income building websites, no coding”, has over 5 hours of content with 29 video lectures. We take you through the website construction all the way from designing the logo, to uploading the full site to a live hosting server and testing out our contact form.

Not only do we take you through the process of building, we also show you where to source, download and use the free software needed to complete the task. We will be using free graphics programs, text editors, free stock photos, photo optimizers and a free ftp client to upload the finished website.

The course teaches you to build sites that you should sell to clients for a minimum of $1000 each, but that’s up to you. The only thing that is not free in this course is the hosting, but, if you are building a site for a customer that is their bill, unless you host it for them and charge a premium. You need to charge a premium if you host it, as you are the one that has to sort out any hosting issues should they arise. One site hosted for a client will usually cover your own hosting expenses in this scenario.

Work from home earn income building websites, no coding, is a great opportunity to work from home and take the first steps towards becoming a web developer. The income can be great and the more you do it, the faster you will get. Once you have built a few sites you will be able to put one of these awesome sites together in one or two days, if you are charging a minimum of $1000 each time then the income is good.

Work from home earn income building websites, no coding is retailing on Udemy for $125, but we have 50 coupons available for just $50, that’s 60% off. So, make your move today, click on the button and start your new career building websites from home, join us in the exciting world of web development!


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