WordPress Site Is Stuck in Maintenance Mode

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Web Design, Wordpress

WordPress sites sometimes get stuck in maintenance mode. If you update your WordPress plugins and core files, WordPress will automatically put the website into a temporary maintenance mode. This lets your visitors know the site is being updated, and requests that they come back in a few minutes. Occasionally WordPress can get stuck in maintenance mode and visitors are unable to visit the site. This can be very frustrating. Thankfully it is a very easy fix! In this video today we will demonstrate how to fix this issue.

When WordPress enters maintenance mode, it creates a text file called .maintenance on the hosting server. This file is usually automatically deleted by WordPress when the updates have completed, and the site should return to normal. If it becomes stuck in maintenance mode, it is usually because the .maintenance file has not been deleted.

To fix this you need to go into your hosting file manager and delete it manually. The file usually resides with the main WordPress core files in the public HTML folder. Simply go in there and delete it. The site should then return to normal.

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