Transfer a Locally Built WordPress Site to Live Online Hosting

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Computers, Web Design, Wordpress

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Move a locally built WordPress site from your PC to your hosting provider


Here’s a short video explaining how to move a locally built WordPress site from your PC to your hosting provider. In this video we have built a WordPress site locally on our PC using xamp (See this video ). We now want to upload it to our hosting provider so that it is live on the internet. This process is made easy by using a plugin called Duplicator. Duplicator is a free plugin that compresses the sites files into a zip file. You can then use a FTP client (we used Filezilla, a great free FTP client. Download here). To transfer the files from your local PC or Mac to a directory on your hosting server. We also show how to log into your hosting provider, (we used iPage), and set up a new database. A new empty database is required to install our migrated database files to. Also how to create a new user for the new database.

This process makes it easy to push your local site live, but I do recommend reading the quick start help file in duplicator to understand the process fully, it is explained well, and as long as you follow the instructions everything should go smoothly. This is a great and convenient tool for any web developers working with WordPress locally.

If you don’t have hosting or you client doesn’t, I can recommend iPage, I use them for hosting multiple sites for my customers. The price is OK and the support is the best I have come across when problems arise. I will put my iPage link below.

DISCLAIMER: The following link is my affiliate iPage link, so if you decide to sign up using it I will receive a

Small credit. If you choose not to use this link, just google iPage and do it that way

iPage hosting:




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