WooCommerce Product Categories not showing in Menu settings

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Web Design, Woocommerce

WooCommerce Product Categories not showing in Menu settings. Here’s a short video explaining how to fix the problem of products categories not available in menu settings with WooCommerce. Little things like this can be really frustrating, thankfully it’s a very easy fix. So, follow along and see how to fix WooCommerce product categories not showing in the menu settings.

You go to your dashboard and then down to menus because you want to add some product categories to your menu items. When you look down the left-hand side to see what you can add to your menus you will see pages and custom links etc….. But quite often they will be no tab that will allow you to add a product category to your menu. This can be quite frustrating, thankfully, there is a very easy fix for this.

Leave your mouse up to the top right-hand side of your page to a type that says screen options. Once you click on this tab it will expand revealing some check boxes with the various different options for your page. By default, WordPress only puts in a few options so that your page does not appear too cluttered. What’s the checkboxes have appeared, simply put a check in the box that says product categories. Once you have done this, you will see that product categories appear with the menus and custom link tabs on the left-hand side. You can now select that tab and add any categories that you wish to your WordPress menu. Many people have had trouble finding this feature as it is not initially obvious. If you are not very familiar with WordPress, it is going to be time-consuming trying to find it. I hope that this short video has helped you out You can watch more web design videos on our YouTube channel here.

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