Windows keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work flow

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Windows keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work flow




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Windows keyboard shortcuts are keys or a combination of keys that allow users to accomplish a task without the use of a mouse. Knowing the various Windows keyboard shortcuts can be a daunting task. However, it is worth it as the use of Windows keyboard shortcuts can save a lot of time when working.

Shortcuts work by either pressing one key alone, or together with other keys. The + sign means pressing a combination of those keys. Since there are many shortcuts, one should learn the ones that are more important to him. The shortcuts learnt will enhance one’s windows experience.

web-design-17The general keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Function

Ctrl + X Cut an item
Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert) Copy an item

Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert) Paste an item

Ctrl + Z Undo an action

Alt + Tab Switch between running programs

Alt + F4 Close or exit a running program
Windows logo key + L Lock the PC
Windows logo key + D Display and hide the desktop
F2 Rename an item
F3 Search for a file or folder in File Explorer
F4 Display the address bar list in File Explorer
F5 Reload an active window
F10 Activate the Menu bar in a running program
Alt + F8 Display password on the sign-in screen
Alt + Esc Cycle through items depending on the order of opening
Alt + underlined letter Underline the letter
Alt + Enter Show properties for the highlighted selected item
web-design-coolAlt + Spacebar Show the shortcuts for the open window
Alt + Left arrow Move back
Alt + Right arrow Move forward
Alt + Page Up Go one screen up
Alt + Page Down Go one screen down
Ctrl + F4 Close a running document
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + D (or Delete) Delete or move an item to recycle bin
Ctrl + R (or F5) Refresh a program
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Right arrow Put the cursor at the before the following word
Ctrl + Left arrow Place the cursor at the before the previous word
Ctrl + Down arrow Put the cursor before the following paragraph
Ctrl + Up arrow Place the cursor at start of previous paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + Tab Allows switching between different running programs using the arrow keys
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + arrow keys Allows moving of a tile in focus in any direction
Ctrl + arrow key (to move to an item) + Spacebar Allows selection of several items on the desktop

Dialog box shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Function
F4 Highlight items in the active list
Ctrl + Tab Move forward through different tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move back through the various tabs
Ctrl + number (number 1–9) Move to that nth tab
Tab Move forward through selected options
Shift + Tab Move back through selected options
Spacebar Select or clear selected option
Backspace Open a folder in the Save As or Open dialog box a level up
Arrow Keys Select a button if you have a group of option buttons

web-design-greatWindows logo key keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Function
Windows logo key To open or to close Start
Windows logo key + A To open an action center
Windows logo key + B To set focus
Windows logo key + D To display or hide the desktop
Windows logo key + Alt + D To display or hide time
Windows logo key + E Open file explore
Windows logo key + L To lock or switch accounts in your computer

There many other windows shortcuts that are important in increasing computer productivity. We just looked at a number of these shortcuts.





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