WordPress Why do I sometimes choose it?

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Web Design, Wordpress

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Why do I sometimes choose WordPress

Many people have asked me why I sometimes use the WordPress platform when designing websites for customers.

Well, when a customer comes to me with  an idea or brief for a website design, one of the first questions I ask them is if they need to update the site frequently with new content, if the answer is”yes” then I suggest the WordPress platform. The reasons are many, WordPress provides the user with a great CMS (content management system), platform that allows them to update the content easily without needing to have any coding experience, using the supplied user interface. Any user with a minimum of instruction can add or remove pages, upload images and manage menus with ease.

Another question I will ask is if the customer will be using it as a blogging site, again if the answer is “yes” the WordPress is the option I would suggest. Blogging is a huge feature in WordPress, it may be the original reason for its creation in the first place!? Again any user with a minimum of instruction can add edit and delete blog posts, WordPress will automatically order your posts so that the most recent will be displayed first. It is very easy to configure the front page to display a chronological list of your posts, with archives and category sections, should you choose to go for that style over a traditional website front page.

If a customer states that they will be selling products on their site – Guess what? WordPress! There are some great eCommerce plug ins available such as woocommerce that will add store functionality to you website. After the initial setup and connection with a paypal account or whatever your financial  choice may be, it is pretty straight forward to add  or remove products, check and manage stock inventory. After doing it a few time it becomes quite familiar. An demonstration example of woocommerce can be seen here

Although WordPress is not ideal for all situations, I tend to use Bootstrap 3 for many sites that don’t require customer management on a regular basis. I love coding with bootstrap, using HTML5 and CSS3 markup, it is great for quickly coding really good looking sites that load quickly and are very cross browser compatible. A good example of this is a site that I recently did for Studio 180 Dance in Morristown, you can see it here.

WordPress have so many great features such as SEO (search engine optimization) plugins such as Yoast. This plugin helps you to optimize your site with help tips and keyword targeting advice and auditing, this is really helpful, especially if you have little understanding of SEO techniques and strategies. There are so many great features that are available via the addition of a plugin, such as, sliders, these are image carousels that are great for showcasing your products or services. Many websites will have a big full or half page slider at the top of their index (front) page to show off their wares. There are so many good plugins, far too many to mention here! Form creators, lightbox image creators, video plugins for showing You Tube or Vimeo videos…and the list goes on!

Well there you have it, just a few of the reasons that I sometimes use the WordPress platform….

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