Simple Ways You Can Freely Promote Your Blog

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Social Media, Wordpress

Simple Ways You Can Freely Promote Your Blog

Most businesses today have a blog. A blog is somewhere that you can promote new products, and share useful information about your business to your customers. Also, many people’s blogs ARE their business. For example, travel blogs are incredibly popular.

To have a successful blog, you must promote it effectively. Without effective promotion, your blog may not get many views. Naturally, over time, you may eventually build an audience. However, it is much more effective to be proactive. To help, we have listed five simple ways you can promote your blog for free!

Simple Ways You Can Freely Promote Your Blog

1. Interactions with other blogs


Firstly, spend time interacting with other blogs. You could approach similar or complementary blogs for free promotion and ask them to work with you. Also, you can leave comments on other blog posts. Oftentimes, you can include website links in your comments. Be careful however – the blog comment should be relevant to the subject, and give real value – don’t simply spam your blog address!

Simple Ways You Can Freely Promote Your Blog

2. Links and article publications in your email correspondents


If you have an email account relating to your business or blog, you should incorporate blog links into it. The easiest way to do this is via your email signature. This is the text at the bottom of your emails that contains important contact info.

Simple Ways You Can Freely Promote Your Blog

3. Utilization of social media content


If you are not promoting your blog through social media then you are missing out on a big trick! Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter have millions of users and the potential exposure you can gain is fantastic.


If you have business social media accounts then you should always create new posts when you have a new blog post live. Also, consider linking to your blog in relevant social media posts. These links and posts will help boost the awareness of your blog and attract traffic.


On a side note, when creating your blog and social media content, be sure to use the same logo and color scheme. There are simple tools like where you can produce blog logos and this is an important aspect of your branding.

Simple Ways You Can Freely Promote Your Blog

4. Submissions to directories


The internet is packed full of useful directories that you can submit your website or blog to for free. For example, you can find a huge list of directories that still have value here. Websites like Blogorama, Google My Business, Bing Places, and AboutUs allow you to submit your blog info and company info. This primarily acts as backlink creation which can, in turn, boost your SEO rankings. However, many people still use these directories and could find your blog through them.

Simple Ways You Can Freely Promote Your Blog

5. Promote your blog via your business website


Lastly, if you also have a business website, it is a primary source of promotion for your blog. Firstly, your website navigation should include a link to your blog. Without a simple navigational link, how can people expect to find your blog? Also, you could consider dedicating a portion of your website homepage to new blog articles. This should be updated automatically each time you post a new blog article.



These are the main ways and when combined together they are incredibly effective at promoting your blog. Also, these techniques are completely free or are part of something that you are already paying for, like a website, for example.

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