Showcase your Business with a Responsive Website

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Computers, Web Design

Showcase your Business with a Responsive Website


Developing credibility as a business is typically accomplished through your interactions with customers. However, there are many business development experts who believe reputation is created through perception. Since people rely on the internet to find the goods and services you offer, and use different devices to search online, having a clean, neat and straight responsive business website will plant a seed of confidence in your customers before they ever meet you. This is why most businesses focus their efforts on creating a strong online presence that begins with a professionally designed website.

In today’s digital marking world, the best way to promote your business is stay up to date with what your consumers want. There are many types of website designs, platforms and even templates you can use to build your online presence. However, one of the most important attributes a website must have is adapting to the particular computer, screen or mobile device of the user navigating the site. This is what is referred to as having a responsive website. It’s a platform that allows the site to comply with the visual screen of the unique user.

For example – let’s say that two different people are visiting your website; one of them is using a Mac with a 23″ screen. The other is using a PC with a 17″ screen. When you have a website that was designed to be responsive, the site will look the same on both screens. This might seem obvious however you’d be surprised to learn that several businesses do not take the time to ensure their site is multiple devices flexible.

There are several other benefits that a responsive website offers businesses that helps consumers navigate them easier and enhances the over user experience.

First – They are Extremely Flexible

A responsive website design is fluid in general, meaning that the content will move freely on all screen resolutions and different devices. This permits the site to be viewed easily on a laptop, desktop or mobile device based on the platform the user is viewing the site. This flexibility enhances credibility to consumers as their first interaction with you online is a positive experience.

Second – The User Experience is enhanced

It is well understood that the content of the website is the most critical element of overall business website impact on the sites intended audience. But a close second is the UE or user experience. If a website is programmed to be visible and easy to navigate on any platform or viewing medium, it tells your customers that you care about their needs and their preferences. Thus, continuing to develop trust with potential customers.

Third – Responsive Design is Cost-Effective

You might assume that having a responsive designed website would cost more, but the truth is that in order to ensure the site is visible on all platforms you have one of two different choices. First, you can build a website that is optimized specifically for each browser, type of computer, size of screen and different mobile devices or you can build one responsive design website that fits all. Responsive websites are also designed to enhance search engine optimization, by not having multiple web addresses specific for different devices and platforms. With a responsive design, all you need is one, simple, easy to remember URL directing all traffic to your website.

Finally – It’s recommended by Google

When you control nearly 70 percent of all search engine functions across the globe, your opinion tends to hold water. Google strongly recommends any business website be responsive which would include having the ability to have mobile device configuration. Google considers a responsive design to be an industry best practice. The responsive design also is easier for Google’s always changing search engine optimization algorithm to find, index and rank each page; which increases page ranking naturally and makes it easier for customer to find you.

The bottom line about promoting your business online is that any website should be designed not to be flashy and entertaining, but valuable to the intended audience – which in the case of any business is the customers who purchase your goods and services. Consumers today want information quick, accessible through their platforms and devices and designed for them. Building an easy to navigate website, filled with professionally written and targeted content gives the website the right baseline. But developing your online presence with a professional designed website with full responsive capability is the best way to establish a solid online reputation, connect with all potential customers and grow your business organically.


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