Restore Point Creation in Windows

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Computers, Networking

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Restore Point Creation in Windows


Here is a short tutorial showing how to create a system restore point in Windows 7, ( this process will work with most Windows operating system versions ), It is a great idea to create a restore point occasionally, the best time to create one is when your computer is functioning well and everything is performing correctly. I usually create a system restore point before I update or install any new drivers on my computer, also before installing any major software or operating system updates. Windows will create a restore point automatically before most Windows updates are installed, but it is not a bad idea to create your own also.

After we have created a restore point we will briefly show how to restore your computer using the created restore point. First, what is system restore? Microsoft states that:

System Restore helps you restore your computer’s system files to an earlier point in time. Typically, you want to restore your computer to a restore point that was created just before the date and time when you started noticing problems. The descriptions of the restore points that are created automatically correspond with the name of an event, such as Windows Update installing an update. System Restore returns your computer to the state that it was in before the restore point that you choose.

Occasionally, usually after installing something or upgrading something your computer will either stop functioning correctly or in extreme cases stop booting all together. This can be caused by many things but usually by a corrupt or incorrect driver. What is a driver? Again Microsoft states: A driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or devices. Without drivers, the hardware you connect to your computer—for example, a video card or a printer—won’t work properly.

In most cases, drivers come with Windows or you can find them by going to Windows Update in Control Panel and checking for updates. If Windows doesn’t have the driver you need, go to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center website, which lists thousands of devices, and has direct links to driver downloads. Also, you can often find drivers on the disc that came with the hardware or device you want to use, or on the manufacturer’s website.

If this should happens to your computer, then this is the ideal time to restore your computer using a system restore point. If your computer will not boot to Windows you may see an option to boot using last known good configuration, this will boot using the last restore point that was created. Another option is to boot to safe mode ( usually by pressing the f8 button ), from here you have the option to perform a system restore.

System Restore cannot fix all problems but is a great tool that can save you a lot of time and trouble when used. I have used it on many computers and it has proved to be a lifesaver on so many occasions!

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