Responsive Website Design is The New Standard in Web Design

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Web Design

Responsive Website DesignResponsive website design is the new standard in Web Design. Mobility friendly is all the rage in today’s web design world. Almost every single person in the modern world remains connected to their groups and businesses through smartphones or computer tablets. The usage of smart devices is increasing with every passing day. Because of this it is so important for businesses to provide the best possible mobile experience to their users, irrespective of the type or size of device they use.

Responsive website design is a unique approach within the web designing community, to make websites compatible on a wide variety of devices from the smallest of smart phones to the largest of desktop monitors. Whether a smartphone, desktop, tablet or a phablet – the goal of the website is to work smoothly on every device and enables the user to enjoy his website experience. This is the new standard and the latest concept in web design.

Responsive design enables the website’s design to automatically adjust itself to any type of device or any kind of a screen size. Web designers have a new concept to work with and responsive CSS and HTML eases their work load in this type of designing.

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Organizations opt for responsive design to have a competitive advantage in the market and enhance business growth. Let’s consider these benefits that emerge from using Responsive website design:

  1. Simplified Work – Websites with a responsive design adapt to any screen size with ease. There is no need to create a different mobile site for an enhanced mobile presence. Organizations can have only one specific website with a single URL, and single set of code and files to be maintained. It simplifies the work for business and also cuts down the cost on making different websites, optimized for different devices.
  2. Accessibility:- Businesses find it profitable to have responsive layouts. It makes their business easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone and enables them to have a wider reach than they previously had.
  3. Best Mobile Experience – Responsive designs enable the user to enjoy the best mobile experience. It provides smooth navigation and a clear scrolling system, making it easy to take a tour of the website with ease. For an eCommerce site, it enables the user to view all the products clearly even on a smaller screen and attracts more customers for the business. If a site is not responsive then the user will have to pinch and scroll to see various parts of the site. Chances are they will go to another site and the business will lose a customer – Not good!
  4. SEO- Friendly – These web designs tend to rank well in Google’s search as the major search engines supports responsive style designing. The website is optimized in the best way possible for mobile users as well as for search giants to produce optimum results. Responsive web design is the face of tomorrow and the trend is already catching pace. Businesses need to leverage this tool to increase their opportunities and enable growth by leaps and bounds.

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