One page scrolling website made easy with divi theme

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Computers, Networking, Web Design

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One page scrolling website made easy with divi theme

One page scrolling website made easy with divi theme. This a follow up video to our install divi theme video. In this short video we show you how to quickly create a one page scrolling site. Once you have the divi theme installed create a new page. Using the divi builder select load from library and select one of their prebuilt templates. In this video we selected the homepage corporate template, this works well as a one page scrolling site.

Once loaded you can easily go about customizing the various sections with your chosen text and images. We quickly go through the process of uploading and inserting our new custom images into the sections, creating two sliders with background and foreground images and text.

After the slider is done, we move on down and demonstrate how easy it is to copy, delete and move the various sections. Changing a section background is very easy with color, image or video available. Of course you will need to insert your own custom text, for our one page scrolling site, we are using the provided lorem ipsum filler text in this demonstration. Finally on the page edit, we assign each section that we want to scroll to a unique css id.

When the graphic changes have been completed we move on to the menu section. This is where create our new menu. We use custom links for the sections that we want to scroll to, giving them a title that appears in the menu, and a # followed by the unique css id we gave each section on the page edit.  We add the custom links to the menu in the order we want, save the menu and move on down to the divi theme options page.

Our one page scrolling site is taking shape now. In the theme options we add out logo, check the smooth scrolling button to enable scrolling rather than jumping to the selected section. We also enable the back to the top option to enable to add a shortcut to take us back to the top.

Finally we move onto the theme customizer. Here we assign our newly created page as the static fromt page and assign the menu that we created for our one page scrolling site as the primary menu. Save out changes and exit.

That’s it, we have created our one page scrolling site in about 15 minutes! Obviously we would have taken more time had this been a site for ourselves or a customer, but, it is a good demonstration of how easy it is to build websites using the latest divi theme from elegant themes.

If you are interested in using this theme you can get it here. As a disclosure, this my Divi theme affiliate link, you can also go directly to the elegant themes website



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