How to speed up your wordpress mobile site load time

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How to speed up your WordPress mobile site load time. Hi guys and welcome to another WordPress video this is Jamie from and – Well, in this video we’re going to show you a free plugin to increase the page loading time of your website. I’ve got a website up here. it is a blog site is quite a lot of stuff on it but if fire have a look at the Google page speed, it’s got a score of 83 on the desktop, which is fairly reasonable, it’s the high end of average just below fast so I’m not too displeased with that, but if I look over here at the mobile or mobile site then it’s dreadful! It’s so low, and I’m sure you all know that having a slow web site will not only hurt you a little bit in the rankings, but people just don’t like to wait for it if it’s going to take ten seconds to load, yeah 20 seconds before it’s interactive, people are just going to move on, they’re going to move on to something that’s faster, then they can access whatever it was is they’re looking for quicker!
So I’ve found a plug-in and it seems to work really well, it’s called WP touch it’s free I’ll put the URL just below this video if anybody wants to use it.
I’m going to go ahead and download it, hit the download button, there, it’s downloaded, so I’ll go to my site go to my dashboard. Oh incidentally! To do that speed test, I’ve got Yoast installed here, which is another free plug-in, just hit ‘add new’, and if you just put Yoast in the search there, there it is, and it’s another free one that’s fantastic! Twenty four thousand users, five star rating!

Page Speed Test

Once you’ve got that installed, not only does it help you put keywords and everything into your pages and posts, but it gives you links to speed tests, and all kind of things from their little Yoast icon here. You’ve got keyword research tools, analyze page is what I used before! I just did a Google page speed test, of course you can go there manually, but this has it all built in, and Yoast is, well, I imagine it’s the number one used in the world, SEO optimizing plug-in!
Anyway back to what we were doing. Here’s that plug-in wptouch that I downloaded. I want to hit upload plug-in button. I’m simply going to drag it over here to where it says no file chosen, or over that button there, as you can see it’s put it in there so I’m going to hit that ‘install now’, there we go! And I’ll activate it.
I’m using a caching plug-in, which also increases the speed of your site by loading cached versions for people that have been there before. I will put the link down below, as I said before. they’ve got some frequently asked questions here, and it says ‘what if I’m using a caching plug-in?’ and it’s got the settings that you want to use for the well-known ones, hasn’t actually got the one that I’ve got here, but, I’ve used that one before in the past, that’s pretty good, super cache . Just have a look to make sure you’re going to configure it easily. I’m not going to do any configuration, I’ve activated the plugin, and there it is! Let’s see what it says on its page?

page speed test

A lot of features are only available in the pro version, but like I say, I’ve just installed it, and activated it, I’m not going to change anything. I had a look at my cache settings, I don’t think that it’s going to affect it in any way at all, so now let’s go visit our site, and let’s just make sure, there’s our old settings, I’m going to leave this page up so we can compare! Shouldn’t make any difference now if I go up here, going to analyze this page, Google page speed test. There we go, oh, look at that! Look at the increase there, the mobile before was 15, have a look at what it’s rendered here, that’s the regular site, and it that was just an off-the-shelf theme I believe. 15 and now it’s gone to 61! so it’s gone from slow to middle, to high speed, which is a vast improvement, and this is what it’s rendered so it’s going to look slightly different, that’s fine, everything’s still workable and usable, and there’s probably some more optimizations I can do. There shouldn’t be any difference to the desktop, 89 and 83, impressive! From 15 to 61 is good. So I think I’m going to leave that. I will check it out on my phone, but basically I’m very pleased. Like I said it’s a free plugin, no configuration, just loaded it up and away we went.
So there you go guys that was a quick video, just to show how to improve the speed of your website, when you’re looking at it on a mobile device. Obviously, so many people browse the internet with their own mobile phones, I know I certainly do! And it’s getting to be more and more all the time, so you want to make sure it does load pretty fast on that, so there you have it short I hope that’s been useful to you!

Get the plugin from here:

page speed test

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