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by | Dec 16, 2019 | Web Design, Woocommerce, Wordpress

How to create a variable product with WooCommerce. Here’s a short video from our forthcoming ecommerce course, showing how to set up the WooCommerce plugin. Ecommerce stores can be a huge asset for any shop whether you are a brick and mortar establishment or simply selling products online. WooCommerce is a fantastic plugin for this purpose, but for some people setting it up can be very daunting. In this video we will go through step by step, the process of adding a simple product to our WooCommerce website. Once the simple product is added we will then turn it into a variable product, with price, size and color variations.

What is a variable product in WooCommerce? A variable product is something that has more than one attribute, for instance, a shirt may come in different sizes and also different colors, size and color all the attributes. You may want to charge a different price 4 products of a different size or color. To do this we need to set up a variable product.

The first thing to do is to create a simple product and put in your base price. Once this has been done, we can move down to attributes. Here we can set the attributes such as price and color and also size. Once we have set the attributes, we now need to create the product variations. The product variations are all the different combinations of size, color and price. With WooCommerce you just need to click on a button once the variations of setup and it will generate a list of all the possible variations for you.

Now that all the variations have been created, we need to go down the list starting from the top and add the custom prices for all the different variations. When you get to the bottom of the list click save and update. You will now have a variable product available to sell to your customers. Each product variation a space for you to insert an image should it differ from the original product that you set up. That is how to create a variable product with WooCommerce, it can be a little time-consuming but once you have done it a couple of times it can become second nature.

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