How To Add A Live Facebook Feed With Divi 4

by | Jan 1, 2020 | Divi Theme, Web Design, Wordpress

Today we are going to cover how to add a live Facebook feed with Divi 4. To enable us to do this we are going to have to go to the Facebook developers page, didn’t get the code that we need to add the feed to a site. What’s on the developers page paste in the URL of the Facebook page that you would like to show on your site. When the Facebook page URL has been entered, the feed should appear at just below.

There are various check boxes for selecting what you wish to include, such as, the head of image and friends’ images. Select the boxes that are going to work best for you. When you are happy with your selection and design, click on the get code button at the bottom. A pop-up box will appear with all the code that you need. Be aware that you will need both pieces of code, the JavaScript code and the Facebook feed code.

To add a live Facebook feed to our site now, we need to go back to the Divi 4. site and enable the visual builder. This is also how to add a live Facebook feed to any WordPress theme, not just the Divi 4 theme. When the visual builder has loaded, insert a code module where you want your Facebook feed to appear, this can also be done with a text module.

Paste the code from the Facebook developers page into the code module. You will need to do each piece separately, the JavaScript code then the Facebook feed code. Save the changes to the module and then save the changes to the page and exit the visual builder. Scroll down to where you were working and you should know have a live Facebook feed that’s will update automatically any time the Facebook page is updated. That is how to add a live Facebook feed with Divi 4.

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