Home routers at risk from “Moose” virus

by | May 14, 2015 | Computers, Networking


picture of a colorful moose and a router

Home routers at risk from “Moose” virus

A new virus has been reported called “moose” . Moose is a worm virus that targets home routers that are not well protected. The virus tries to access these routers by bombarding it with many thousands of passwords. If it accesses the router it will try and take ant passwords that are entered for online accounts. If you are using a home router, ( most of us are ), make sure you are not using the factory set password on the router login ( not your wireless network password). If you are then you will need to go to your router manufacturers website and download the manual for your model of router. Then do a factory reset ( Usually by holding down a recessed ‘ reset’ button on the back of the router for 10 -20 seconds ). After you have reset you should log in and update the firmware and change the factory default access password. Just changing the password is not enough if you have been infected.

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