Divi 4 Theme Build A One Page Scrolling Site In 15 Minutes

In this video we are going to show you how to put together a one page scrolling website in about 15 minutes using the Divi theme. The Divi 4 theme from Elegant Themes has just come out with some fantastic new features. The biggest new feature is the new theme Builder, this is a huge step forward for Divi fans as it enables you to create custom headers, footers and page content for each of your individual pages. We will be covering this in future videos. In this video we are going to create the one page scrolling website below.

One Page Scrolling Site

This was very easy to complete, by simply loading one of the thousands of included templates that come with the new Divi 4 theme, and applying it to a new page. Once we set up the template, all that we needed to do next was to build a menu, so that we could scroll to the various sections of our website using CSS IDs. We simply assigned a CSS ID to the top of any section that we wanted our menu to scroll to. Then when we created the menu we used custom links to target our desired sections.

Once the menu was created the only thing left to do was to assign our page to the homepage. This was very easily done by entering the theme customizer, and entering our new page name into the homepage settings.

Of course, you will need to go back through and enter custom content and images in the various sections that you have set up. Again Divi 4 makes this very easy with just a few mouse clicks. .

So follow along with the video, and see how simple it is to create a one page scrolling website in about 15 minutes with the new Divi 4 WordPress theme.

Try the Divi theme Here

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