Divi 3 WordPress theme – Using The New Extended Styles Feature

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Divi Theme, Web Design

Divi 3 WordPress theme – Using The New Extended Styles Feature



Divi 3 WordPress theme – Using The New Extended Styles Feature. The Divi theme from elegant themes is absolutely awesome. Whenever I have a WordPress build, it’s my go-to theme every time. I have built many, many sites with the Divi theme and it just keeps on getting better. Elegant themes keeps adding features, and tools to increase your productivity, as well as ease of use and site load speed. So if you are building a WordPress site I recommend you give it a try. I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed!

Divi has done it again, they have come up with a new feature called extended styles. Extended Styles expands on some of Divi’s already awesome design features. It allows you to take any styles that you have created on a specific element, and replicate them to other modules, rows or even the whole page.

If you have created an element with a specific border, box shadow, font style and animation, with just one click you can copy their styles to all of your other elements on the page. It really is absolutely awesome and can completely change the look of a web page in seconds.

Once you have your visual builder open, all you have to do is; right-click on the element that you would like to copy. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu that appears, and select extended styles. Once you have done this a box will pop up that will allow you to select the location you want to extend your styles to.

Extended Styles is already available with the latest version of the Divi theme. If you’re building WordPress sites and you’re not using the Divi theme I suggest you give it a try you will not be disappointed it really is fantastic. Try it out! You can get the Divi theme from here .



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