CSS – Customize your Bootstrap or HTML Navbar with CSS

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Bootstrap, Web Design

CSS – Customize your Bootstrap or HTML Navbar with CSS


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are how we customize the look of our HTML or Bootstrap website. CSS is just simple code that defines things like the color, size and spacing behavior of elements on our website. When you load a HTML or bootstrap template you can completely change what your viewers see with CSS.

In this video we show you how to edit a generic bootstrap navbar and turn it into something more in line with our design ideas by implementing simple custom styles.

Initially we are going to download a bare bones scrolling template. Once downloaded we will set about customizing it to our needs. We will be adding menu items, then positioning the menu where we want it. Once in place we will start to add custom styles to define the style of our menu buttons. When we are happy with the look of our menu items, we will add some more styles to define what happens when we hover a mouse pointer over the menu to give our site a more interesting feel.

When the menu items are finished we are going to replace the text with a custom logo. Once replaced we will then show how to reposition the logo to look better with CSS.

CSS coding is not difficult as you will see in this tutorial. The method we use to test the styles before we write it into the style sheet is a really important tool for web development. We use the Google Chrome browser, hit the F12 to bring up the inspector panel. When the panel is open it allows us to add or delete CSS code from any HTML element that we highlight. This is a great way to experiment with custom styles as it is nondestructive, (once you refresh the browser the site will revert back to how it was before the edits). Once you are happy with the style changes made on an element you can simply copy the new CSS from the inspector to your custom style sheet.

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