CSS background image using simple CSS

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Web Design

CSS background image using simple CSS



CSS background image using simple CSS. Having an engaging website is essential in today’s online market, as everyone has a website, there is a lot of competition to find, keep and engage viewers and website visitors. One of the best ways to keep your viewers involved is to have a graphically interesting looking website. This can be achieved quite easily using cascading style sheets or CSS.

CSS is what is used on the bare bones HTML structure that makes up a website. It can transform even the most bland looking sites into something that is very exciting. It is not only used for positioning elements, but also for adding interesting decorations such as drop shadows, hover effects, and borders to name but a few.

CSS can also be used to change the way the elements, text and images display on different devices. Using media queries you can use CSS to hide, move or change just about anything on your site

Using background images on your sites can be very eye-catching and attract more visitors. With CSS you can change the background images of just about any element on your side including nav-bars, sections and elements within sections. CSS is very easy to learn, and we have put together a series of videos to show you the basics. In the video above we show you various different ways to add a background images to your website. We cover how to add an image by adding a simple URL to an element in our cascading style sheet. Once we have all image in place we will show how to use attributes, to repeat the image either horizontally, or vertically or both. Alternative attributes can be used also to position the image send it left or right and much more.

CSS is a fantastic skill to learn, and as we said, it is not difficult, so follow along with our series of simple CSS videos and discover the magic of styling your website.

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