Complete Divi Theme One Page Scrolling Site File Download And Playlist

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Divi Theme, Web Design, Wordpress

Complete Divi Theme One Page Scrolling Site File Download And Playlist.In the series of videos, we show you how to build a one-page scrolling site from install to finish using The fantastic Divi theme. Once installed we’re going to build a hero section with dual buttons. Then an about section with some scroll effects. We also incorporate a sticky call to action bar. That will stick to the header when you scroll up.

After that we build a Services section using icon boxes. Great for showcasing your services. We have also included a full with video section, with number counters and icons. Below that we have a team section, showing the members of our stuff.

We’ve also included a price list with price tables. Always a useful addition to any site. Of course, now your sight would be complete without a contact form, essential for people wanting to reach out and contact you. We have also included an icon list in the contact form section, with various contact and location information.

For convenience and directions, we added a Full Width Google Map below the contact Section. This is a live map that you can scroll in and out of, and also click to get travel directions to the location specified.

At the bottom of the site we have created a custom Global footer, that includes some social media icons that you can link to your social media accounts.

On the side of our website we’ve got a floating live call button. This button will allow your visitors to tap on it and instantly call from any mobile phone. If you are viewing on a desktop it will prompt them to call also.

Not only have we given you the link to the playlist for the Complete Divi Theme One Page Scrolling Site. In the playlist we go through all the various sections of this website build. But for anybody that wants it, we’ve included the Json file downloads that you can easily import into your own website, if you prefer to do that. For instructions on how to import the Json files into your website, watch the video below the scrolling image. Simply follow the instruction to import the files and you instantly have a Complete Divi Theme One Page Scrolling Site.


Overview And Install Video

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