AVG Free- Stop the scanning popup

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Computers, Networking

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AVG Free- Stop the scanning popup

If you are using AVG free antivirus you may have noticed that every time you get an email, AVG scans it and a popup appears. It is great for a free program, but every time this popup appears, it takes the focus away from whatever you are working on. Say you are typing away then suddenly it will stop when the scanning popup appears, and you will have to click back on the document you were working on to resume typing. If like me you receive a lot of emails this can be very frustrating and disruptive. Don’t get me wrong, as I have said earlier AVG is a great free program, we just need to tweak it a little to stop this. To do this we need to open up AVG from the icon in the notification area, just double click on the icon. Once it is open we can go to the ‘options tab (top right currently), hit the drop-down arrow and select ‘advanced settings’. Now all that we need to do is uncheck the box “Email Scanner notifications’, once this is done hit apply and ok. It will no longer popup every time there is an incoming email being scanned. AVG will still popup to notify you that you have a new email, but that is fine as it does not take the focus away from whatever you happen to be working on.

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