Advanced CSS Styling With WordPress, Bootstrap and HTML

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Bootstrap, Web Design, Wordpress

Advanced CSS Styling With WordPress, Bootstrap and HTML. Like many things in life, if you have not done it before, CSS can be a little confusing. But again like many things once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes easy and much clearer. Adding custom CSS to your website weather it is WordPress, bootstrap, or playing HTML, can make it stand out from the crowd. CSS stands for cascading style sheets and is the code that defines how your website displays in a browser.
In this video we are going to show you how to add an animated effect to your website menu. To make things easier, rather than writing a large batch of CSS code we are going to source some CSS from the web and apply it to our website. As with many tasks that you may have, there is always somebody that has done it first. That being the case, we just need to find out what they have done and replicated it. So follow along with this video, and make your website stand out from the crowd by adding a little custom CSS to it.
We are working with the WordPress theme called Divi. But the CSS used in this demonstration will work with any WordPress theme, you may have to use a child theme to avoid the CSS being overwritten when the theme updates. This will also work with any bootstrap or HTML site using cascading style sheets and CSS classes.
Download the free brackets text editor from here:
Get the hover CSS code from here:
Get the Divi theme from my affiliate link here:
advanced css
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