9 WordPress plugins you must install in your ecommerce website in 2020

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9 WordPress plugins you must install in your ecommerce website in 2020. 

It is no news that the internet hold a number of potentials. It ranges from access to information down to making money. One of the money mediums on the internet involves selling your products or services. With a sellable product, a good websites featuring wordpress coupon plugin, woocomerce smart coupons, other necessary plugins are you are almost there. Plugins are very important for every website. What is more important than having a plugin for your website is having the right plugins for your website. During the course of this article, I will be giving you 9 WordPress plugins you must install in your ecommerce website in 2020. These plugins are very important due to the roles they play in your website.


This is one of the most compatible plugin with WordPress. It is more than just compatible with WordPress; it is one of the best for your ecommerce store. It has a number of prominent features that include ability to track sales, stock, store performance and other necessary statistics. It provides you with several payment options including credit or debit cards, cash on delivery and cheque. Alternatives for woocomerce include Member press, Easy Digital Downloads, WP ecommerce, Bigcommerce, Jigo shop and so on.

Yoast SEO

It is no news that SEO plays an important role the traffic your website receives. Like other websites, an ecommerce websites needs traffic if it wants to stand a chance of getting conversions. With this plugin, you can add Meta tags and increase the SEO ranking of your website. This will in turn increase its visibility and chances at gathering more traffic.

Envira gallery

It is imperial that pictures are important for your ecommerce store. It is also important to note that these same pictures can slow down the loading speed of your ecommerce store. Envira gallery provides you with a proper solution to this dilemma. With this plugin, you can add optimized images to your websites and still have a responsive website.


Data is very important for an ecommerce store. You will need to get necessary information about your customers and forms are a good way of doing that. With WPforms, you will be able to easily create any type of form you want using its drag and drop feature.

Monster insights

Data is important for your ecommerce store. It will only be useful if you can analyse it. This plugins allows you to connect with Google analytics. This will enable you to track the web visitors, where they are visiting your website from, what they do on your website and how long they stay on your website. This will be helpful when you want to make corrections in the future. SEM rush is quite similar to monster insights. The major difference is that instead of tracking your progress, you get to keep an eye on what the competition is doing.


Product Countdown

This is your go to guy when you want to apply the old trick of product scarcity. Just like it name states, you use this plugin when you want to do countdown sales. It is very simple to use and works great with woocomerce. After a successful sale, you will need to close the deal. This is where Ecwid comes in. Its easy to use checkout process that comes with multiple payment gateway and 45 languages is what you need. You do not want to miss a good deal because of your checkout process.

Chatbots, Quick and easy FAQs

If you can, try installing both on your website. FAQs are great but chatbots can help you take it a notch higher. With quick and easy FAQs, you can easily create FAQs using the drag and drop features. Chatbots on the other end are automated FAQs of sorts. They help interact with your customers. These plugins are important as they help shoulder the workload of your customer service.


Security is very important for every website and ecommerce stores are no different. It is important that you install and activate a security plugin for your website. It is also important that you have a backup plugin for your website as well. One of them is backupbuddy. It comes in handy to help preserve your data against data loss.


It will be a disaster if what your ecommerce store is showing is different from your actual inventory. With veeqo, you will not have to break your head over such matters. This plugin will help you manage your products by synchronizing them with real time. It will help you edit product listing, take effect when you buy or sell products.

9 WordPress plugins you must install in your ecommerce website in 2020,

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