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How to perform a Windows System File Check

How to perform a Windows System File Check   Her is a short video tutorial that shows you how to...


Upgraded to Windows 10? Many people have!

Upgraded to Windows 10? So, you have upgraded to Windows 10! What do you think? So far the opinion from...

Laptop and Tablet photo

Tablet or Laptop, What Should I Buy?

Tablet or Laptop Here’s a good question; should I buy a laptop computer or should I buy a tablet? Well, that really...

responsive website photo

Seventeen New Responsive Website Template

Seventeen New Responsive Website Template Welcome to Seventeen our latest responsive website template. Seventeen is a fully responsive web design...

speedy SSD picture

SSD (Solid State Drive) – Do I need to upgrade?

SSD – Do I need to upgrade? Many people have asked me about solid state drives lately, if they are...

laptop computer with a pop-up window

Pop-up Problem Do Not Call That Number

Pop-up Problem I recently had a laptop from a customer that was infected with several viruses and some malware, one...

Mechanical device picture

Computer Repair or Replacement ?

Computer Repair or Replacement ? Question: Do I get a computer repair or replace my computer? Answer: Today things in...

picture of website with a scam alert banner

Website Payment Credit Card Scam

Website Payment Credit Card Scam Hi Guys – Recently I have had several emails trying to scam money from me...

picture of windows 10 desktop layout

Windows 10 Preview and Review

Windows 10 Preview & Review – Tricks & Tutorial – Beginners Video Guide 2015 Here’s an easy beginners tutorial on...

picture of laptop and clouds

What is Cloud Computing

  What is Cloud Computing People keep asking me “what is cloud computing? – Well, cloud computing is basically information...

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